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A. We engineer and manufacture contract furniture and interior solutions appropriate for Hotels, Restaurants, Café Bars (HoReCa) and other business environments, including:


  • Public/business seating

  • Tables and table systems

  • Bars and reception desks

  • Decorative wall panels, space dividers, display stands etc. (including 3D textured surfaces)

  • Beds, bedroom cabinets and other hotel furnishings

  • Custom Lighting solutions


You may choose from our Standard Line solutions which are designed by Yfos amd collaborating designers or we can engineer and manufacture to your specific custom requirements. At Yfos we understand that your designs are unique and we will make sure your project is manufactured, delivered and installed in a manner that exceeds your expectations.


B. Accessories for business use, including coat-racks, table-top items, special packaging etc.


C. Complete product design development and prototyping in a wide range of materials and applications.


We can fully undertake projects that use a wide range of materials and processes, either in-house or through our network of quality assured sub-contractors. Our highly educated and trained staff has completed succefully projects ranging from complete interiors to plastic bottle molds and engineering components.

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